Brompton Brown

Brompton Brown

Today's post is dedicated to our Brompton leather, the most iconic and loved leather in our collection.

Brompton leather blends today's technology with the skill and craftsmanship of a fifth-generation tannery, giving the appearance of both old and new. The leather is crafted in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy where the hides are tanned with the purest water from the foothills of the Dolomites creating unmatched purity and richness. Finally, an innovative hot wax highlights natural tones and rich color contrasts. brompton-leather

Think of a rich brown leather. Broken in. Well worn. Perhaps it's your grandfather's old bomber jacket. Maybe your father's well-traveled bag. Or your favorite pair of boots. Inviting and warm. It speaks of honesty and hard work. Every great story has its defining moment, a moment that changes everything. Over a decade ago we created a leather that would forever change the face of our business. A natural leather that appears both old and new. A leather that truly gets better with wear, aging gracefully over time. Brompton is that leather"

- Sackett Wood, president of Moore & Giles

In addition to Brompton's aesthetic appeal, the leather has proven to be extremely versatile. It can be found across the globe in hotels, coffee shops, and homes. Brompton has covered sofas, shoes and our favorite weekend bag. brompton-weekend_split-personality

Benedict Weekend Bag in Brompton Walnut (left) & Brompton Brown (right)