The Frost & The Dabney

The Frost & The Dabney

It was a brisk and blustery Fall day. The Airstream was parked on the street near Union Market for THREAD. We had literally just finished setup and were warming ourselves near our rented outdoor heaters when we met Chef Jeremiah Langhorne for the first time. He had just moved to Washington, D.C. with his wife to open a new restaurant. Langhorne (actually an old Lynchburg name) had worked under Chef Sean Brock for years at McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, SC and now he was setting out on his own to share his love of local mid-atlantic fare with a new community.

Langhorne told us that he loved our leather bags and had been using our bar rollup for years as a knife roll. Truth, this was about the tenth time that week we had heard something similar and since our designer, Thomas Brennan, used to be a cook and a butcher he was thinking along the same lines. It was Chef Jeremiah’s request and order of two more bar rollups that pushed him over the tipping point.

Fast forward to this Fall, almost exactly one year later, and with a finished knife roll in hand we took the short car ride up 29 North to visit Chef Jeremiah to give him what he had been asking for - a leather knife carrier. This one, made specifically for the needs of a blade. Lined with our Titan Milled leather and long enough for most chef’s knives, the knife carrier is made for this line of work. You can see the finished knife carrier here.

Chef Jeremiah’s dream in now a reality (no, not the knife carrier) his own restaurant - The Dabney. Tucked away in one of DC’s’ last original working alley ways, The Dabney is unquestionably one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in the nation’s capital this year. It has been showered with early praise from press, pros and the people of Washington. We are excited for this Lynchburg son to shine.

Check them out at: 122 Blagden Alley, Washington, DC 20001