Traveling Should Always Look This Good.

Traveling Should Always Look This Good.

Our VP, Elizabeth Stroud, spent most of this past summer traveling to trade events, trunk shows and visiting our partner stores across the country—she also focused on time with her family during their annual trip to the beach. One thing remained constant during her travels coast to coast—the Parker carry-on suitcase. The Parker was launched a few seasons ago and serves as the perfect travel companion for anyone on the go. We caught up with Elizabeth to learn more about how ‘living out of a suitcase’ is actually quite manageable…and stylish.

Tell us about some of your recent travels.

In the span of the summer months, I spent quite a bit of time traveling for both business and pleasure. I traveled to Leon, Mexico, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, the beach, the river and, my personal favorite, Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee.

How has the Parker made your life easier?

The Parker accompanied me on every single one of those trips. As a loyal Moore & Giles carrier, I’ve been using either the Benedict Weekend Bag or Taylor Duffel. I still love both of those pieces for car travel but wheels, particularly all four, have been a total game changer for flying.

What’s your favorite feature of the Parker?

The interior is particularly well organized. I typically pack shoes and other non-essential items (like running clothes) on the left side, which I can then separate from business attire. I use the small interior pockets for things like cords, headphones, toiletries, and so on. Everything has its place.

What makes the Parker different from other rolling luggage?

I always know which bag is mine at baggage claim. What’s one item you can’t travel without?

Many already know this about me, but I pretty much live and die by my daily journal, which I have used religiously since I joined Moore & Giles in 2009. I don’t go anywhere without it. _____

Learn more about the Parker here.

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