Seven Hills Collection
Woman leaning against wall with Welden Tote in Seven Hills Umber
Woman leaning against wall with Welden Tote in Seven Hills Umber
A story close to home
The magnificence of our Seven Hills leather cannot be understated. With an origin story as rich as the leather, each hide is sourced in Virginia and tanned in the USA, then made into exceptional heirloom pieces.

Seven Hills Collection

  • Sourced Locally
    All hides used in our Seven Hills Collection are sourced from local Virginia farms. The leather is then tanned in the Midwest, and returns to us for handcrafted transformation into fine leather heirloom pieces.

    Local Problems Require Local Solutions
    Moore & Giles partnered with Seven Hills Abattoir, a local processor who provides premium beef to restaurants throughout Virginia, to reimagine their byproduct as an unrealized asset and divert it from our local landfill.


    Collaborating with a Pioneering Tannery
    The hides were instead transported to St. Louis, where they were transformed into leather by Hermann Oak Leather in the same vats and vegetable tannage used to tan the harnesses supplied to westward-moving wagon trains starting in 1881.


    Crafting Sustainable Luxury
    For the inaugural Seven Hills collection we chose a few of our best-sellers: five designs that are timeless, showcase this ambitiously-crafted leather and, like all of our pieces, are impeccably made. This collection underscores the vital environmental role leather tanning plays and is a reminder that sustainability, while not always convenient, is worth the effort you put in.
  • Sustainable Luxury
    Domestically-produced vegetable tanned leather