We are steadfast in our mission to find a purpose for every hide and highlight the inherent beauty and sustainability of leather by creating heirloom leather goods that stand the test of time.

Our responsibility begins at home.

The word “sustainability” is used often these days, but what does it mean? As a broad definition, it’s the ability to produce useful quality goods without depleting natural resources. In a world of throwaway fast fashion, we believe in producing only heirloom-quality items. We proudly uphold a sustainable model in various areas of our business. First and foremost, all of the leather we sell comes from animal hides that are a by-product of the meat industry; our efforts help divert tons of hides from needlessly decomposing in landfills. Instead, they are expertly tanned and handcrafted into leather goods designed to last a lifetime.

Pioneers in sustainability.

Our tanneries are held to the highest standards with stringent certifications, innovative practices, and third-party emissions testing. Our commitment to sustainability cascades down to every aspect of Moore & Giles; it is in our company ethos.

We’ve converted our Headquarters to solar power; we’ve partnered with companies committed to repopulating wildlife; We encourage access to nature and support our declining pollinators through our onsite employee garden and several acres of native meadow. Internal efforts to reduce waste and recycle have diverted over 280+ tons from our local landfills.

Another major environmental stride we’ve made is using carbon neutral leather for a considerable percentage of our furniture. We have eliminated the carbon impact through verified offsets, supporting projects that protect our most vulnerable forests and species.


Hides are diverted from landfills each year, through the leather industry

Over 45
Clean Air Gold certified leathers
More than 17
Declare certified leathers

Sustainable Since 1933

Since 1933, we have been dedicated to creating goods intended to stand the test of time. So much investment and dedication are put into these efforts, but actively doing our part to maintain a healthy planet is of the utmost importance to us. We want our products to be handed down to the next generation, but for that to happen, we need to keep our environment in balance. By supporting Moore & Giles, you ensure a better future.


Solar Powered
Solar Powered Since 2023 - We are committed to responsible business practices and aim to lead the way in sustainability and conservation within our industry while serving as an example to others.
Energy Saved
Solar panels in use at Moore & Giles headquarters


Company Garden
Every season the everyone at our Forest Headquarters participates in our company garden which helps create natural habitats for pollinators, while implementing sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact starting right here in Virginia.
Close up image of company garden


Carbon Neutral Shipping
We are proud to partner with UPS and FedEx to offset C02 emissions from shipping. Every purchase you make helps fund conservation efforts in wild places around the world.
Woman holding carbon neutral shipped items